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The next time you are tempted to curse the stupidity of the Trump cult “deplorables”, consider this: the underclass is maintained in a state of ignorance, want and contention by the overlords for the purposes of:

  1. Having an inexpensive, easily controlled labor force
  2. Having an easily manipulated voting block
  3. Maintaining a threat to the rest of the population to justify maintaining a police force.

Your disdain contributes to the maintenance of this order. If you doubt that this is the conscious intent of the overclass, how do you explain Betsy DeVos? Why do you think the market geniuses dont’s seem to have been able to figure out how to quash the illegal drug market?

I’m not saying you can have an intelligent conversation with a Trump cultist, but you might be able to have a dispassionate one, and if you’re not trying to convince them of anything, even a heartfelt one. America is grinding people down.


It is better not to make merit a matter of reward
Lest people conspire and contend,
Not to pile up rich belongings
Lest they rob,
Not to excite by display
Lest they covet.
A sound leader’s aim
Is to open people’s hearts,
Fill their stomachs,
Calm their wills,
Brace their bones
And so to clarify their thoughts and cleanse their needs
That no cunning meddler could touch them:
Without being forced, without strain or constraint,
Good government comes of itself.

 Tao te Ching translated by Witter Bynner


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