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Don’t go back to work

We are running out of time and we’re running out of leverage. Even in this time of emergency the sociopaths who head our government and industry and the cabal of finance are intent on advancing their agenda of avarice, hijacking aid programs to line their own pockets and ignoring the suffering and precarity of the rest of us. This is nothing new, but it’s intensifying because the already enfeebled institutions of government that were designed to guard against it have been totally captured by the plutocracy.

The likelihood that we can mount a resistance at the ballot box in November is slim to none. The plutocrats have already installed their Democratic candidate for President. The systems for voter suppression are well established and now bolstered by a judiciary that will support the most outlandish tactics. Even if the Democrats take control of the Congress, it will be an uphill battle to enact the measures needed to turn the tide of ecological catastrophe, militarism and economic sadism.

Our best option right now is to bring the system to its knees with a general strike. The system can’t function without workers to keep it going. It won’t take very long before the ownership class will have to concede to our conditions. In the meantime, we can create our own alternate structures for support. We can set up our own infrastructures for community sustainability: our own classrooms and clinics, supply chains and distribution networks.

It will not be easy. It will require skillful organization, selfless labor, and mutual support to get us through a period that will entail some privation. But it will be inspiring and meaningful and joyful and fun.

Who wants to go back to normal? Normal is exploitation of workers and destruction of the planet and ceaseless militarism.

Don’t go back to work. Let’s go forward.


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