Don’t Go Back To Work

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Resuming economic activity means resuming our course of planetary destruction, ecological catastrophe and mass extinction. We have just demonstrated that we can create enough money to support people through this crisis. Many economists, from across the political spectrum agree that we can continue to create much more money without inducing inflation. A massive infusion of money to seed an overhaul of our fossil fuel based infrastructure is within reach and we have just demonstrated that it is possible. The question of how are you going to pay for it has been answered. The question now is why we’re not willing to do it, and the answer is straightforward.

People are realizing that the captains of industry and their minions in government are sociopaths running an economic system designed by and for sociopaths. A healthy economy upends the power structure, usurps the power of the oligarchic regime. They rely on us to be sick, dependent, living in a state of precarity, and otherwise vulnerable.

The financial markets are doing fine. They don’t care if the economy gets going again. The corporations are sitting on so much cash they can go indefinitely without production. They’re quite happy to let things fall apart and then swoop in to buy assets from failing businesses and governments and to privatize all government services. The reason the powers that be want to get the economy going again is so things don’t get bad enough for the people to rise up in protest and revolt. They want the people go back to their roles of docile servitude so the pathological rape of the planet can proceed.

Don’t go back to work. If you’re in a union, go on strike. The meatpacking plants are in an excellent position to go on strike right now. They would have the sympathy of the entire country and they have the power to bring the industry to its knees. That would inspire other unions to follow and for the non-unionized to organize.

We can’t go back to normal. The imminent ecological collapse would make us yearn for the good old days of the pandemic.


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