The Consequences of Denying Federal Aid to the States

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The Kochs and the Mercers, the libertarians so-called, are on the cusp of victory. If the federal government refuses aid to the states the state governments will collapse. State services will dry up. No more unemployment benefits or Medicaid. No more funding for municipalities.

Municipal services dry up. Police and Fire departments wither. Public transportation breaks down. Maintenance of infrastructure lapses.
Private companies come in and buy up public infrastructure at bargain prices and start offering services for a price. If you can’t afford to pay for police you will be subject to the control of criminal gangs. Actually, there will be little distinction. It’s just that the gangs that cater to the rich will behave in a more genteel manner. Same with fire, health. Forget about assistance to the poor. They will be contained and left to live and die in misery.

As Dickens illustrated, humans are capable of creating and tolerating such conditions. For some it’s a dream come true. That’s how sick we are.


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